The interior design of an artist’s space can only resonate and reflect owner’s creative personality and uniqueness, by turning the apartment into an intimate yet evocative and revelatory area: a punk, modern but particularly elegant combination of style, textures and colors.


Private Residence


Ag. Dimitrios

The challenge

Artistic creation and personality harmoniously combined in an open space which also accommodates distinct zones of privacy. The need for a calm, sophisticated yet bold ambience that also stands out through a variety of color schemes and materials by an interior design absolutely unique in terms of textures and color shades.

The solution

The impressive wallpaper dominates the space being the central element, used as an accent wall. It resembles a piece of art, awaking the senses. Through color contrasts and usage of different textures and schemes, an interesting and elegant interior design ambience was achieved, highlighted by the design of special features such as fixed furniture and millworks.