Serenity and balance are the sensations we experience as we enter this beach house. The design, through aesthetic and stylish choices, manage to reflect the beauty of the seascape and to give a sensation of peace, comfort and elegance.



Private residence


Athens Riviera

The challenge

Built in the 80s in a beautiful location, this beach house had to be adjusted to the contemporary needs, as well as the elegant aesthetic of its owner, exploiting the sensation of calmness and freedom that the unique surrounding seascape gives.

The solution

With dominant element the sense of serenity the breathtaking view to the sea gives, the creative team of Epitomēe Design proceeded to a complete renovation of this 2-house complex, by the sea. The orientation of the spaces towards the light and the sea, the open plan layout and the use of elegant and refined partitions, contribute to the unique feeling of being so close to the nature. The energy of the space becomes friendly and gracious while the aura of attainable luxury is diffused through the natural materials, white color, and warm, earthy tones.