Emphasis on collaborative work ethic and a space configuration that encourages openness, define the reputable law firm’s downtown office extensive renovation.



Andersen Legal


Vasilissis Sofias, Athens, Greece

The challenge

The creative team of Epitomēe Design was challenged to fully re-arrange the office layout of this neoclassical building as well as to design internal spaces in order to strengthen and cultivate the spirit of cooperation and motivation, elements considered very significant to this reputant Law Office’s owners. One of the main goals was to achieve the ideal blending between the mandatory privacy of the personal offices that the profession’s nature requires and the open-mindedness of public spaces.

The solution

Taking broad responsibility not only for the design, construction and management of the renovation but also for the interior design, Epitomēe team had the necessary multilevel freedom to achieve its goals.

For the laywers’ private offices layout, the glazing façade‘s ‘L’ perimeter was followed. We were thus created the ideal conditions for the interior to be used in a creative way for the shared office elegant library with a wooden special construction dominating the space while similar approach was followed for the different sized modern meeting rooms and a specifically designed fresh and colorful brainstorming area that would bring out the best of ideas! As far as the reception of the office and the public areas are concerned, those were enhanced by the modern ambience the luxurious hidden lighting and different surface volumes to compose a synchronous, stylish and elegant professional atmosphere.