The renovation of the offices of this rising law firm, in downtown Athens, aimed to deliver the maximum degree of aesthetic upgrade within the limitations of a tight budget.



Pistiolis-Triantafyllos & Associates Law Firm


Athens Centre, Athens, Greece

The challenge

The cornerstone of our philosophy at Epitomēe Design is not only the utmost respect of our client’s needs but also of its predetermined budget. In this particular instance, the challenge was achieving the necessary premium renovation, so that the office reflects the law firm’s status and distinguished clientele. Without the need for extensive modifications to the already configured layout. All this in the context of a tight budget that required careful management and a creative approach

The solution

Thoroughly undertaking not only the construction and management of the renovation but also the interior design, our team had the opportunity to proceed to selective, precise and value for money aesthetic interventions regarding interior design and decoration. The aim/ vision was to blend the prerequisite rigidity due to the nature of the business (using, e.g. dark wood in the reception area) with contemporary touches concerning the offices and the meeting rooms (such as glass desks and stylish libraries), the lighting and the decoration (with neoteric paintings, and imaginative objects).