This small but promising Law office exudes professionalism and elegance while its full functionality is achieved to the maximum.



Law Office


Athens, Centre

The challenge

The creative team of Epitomēe Design was challenged to give a sense of coziness and perspective to this low-height ground-floor apartment with significant static constraints, by offering an outcome which would reflect the elegant aesthetic of the owner and the beauty of the landscape.

The solution

The Epitomēe Design creative team brought to life an office space inspired by the elegance, the dynamic spirit and the professionalism that characterize its owner. Through an earthy color scheme combining wood with black metallic details, a professional yet comfortable ambience was achieved. The full use of the space’s square meters and the utilization of the natural source of light, was achieved by the use of a glass divider to secure privacy without reducing the overall size of the office and the proper diffusion of light. The storage spaces, designed with primary concern the space utility and ambience, manage to enhance the overall refined atmosphere through the exquisite design of the modern fixed furniture.