Clinical Research Office

LOCATION / Athens, Greece
COMPLETION / December 2012
AREA / 89 sq.m
CATEGORY / Commercial Space
CUSTOMER / Clinical Research oversight LTD

The complete aesthetic upgrade of the clinical research company’s headquarters, located in an aged apartment in downtonwn Athens, was done with full respect for its timeless architectural identity.

The challenge

The clinical research company, which utilizes the apartment as its headquarters, required a modern and bright space that better suited its brand profile and more effectively covered its needs in terms of meetings with customers. The apartment, however, had specific architectural elements (wooden floor, mosaic, ornamental plaster elements) that needed to be preserved and highlighted as they were an organic part of its identity.

The solution

Taking full responsibility not only for the construction and management of the extensive renovation but also for the interior design, the creative team of Epitomēe Design proceeded – in collaboration with the client – to an imaginative approach to the project. Specifically, we used the apartment’s vintage architectural elements as an “aesthetic memory” that came to frame the futuristic final result, which is characterized by elegant lines, extensive use of high-gloss white and concealed lighting.